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Bipolar romantic relationships dating and marriage

"Half of me moved on, but half of me will always love her," he says.

Divorce and separation are common in relationships involving bipolar disorder, but according to Dr.

Mental health professionals arent the only ones who can lend a hand. By keeping the illness a secret, people place an additional burden on themselves." Karp also recommends that anyone who cares for someone struggling with bipolar person find a support group in their area.

The stigma of mental illness can make couples hesitant to look elsewhere for help, but Karp emphasizes that extended family members and trusted friends can all provide invaluable support. Next Page: Bipolar marriages can work [ pagebreak ]Bipolar marriages can work Fred and Kristin Finn, of Grand Rapids, Mich., describe their marriage as loving and supportive, despite that fact that Kristin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager.

Here you are dating someone who you think could have BPD (or Bipolar).

But it will rarely be easy, especially if the object of your affection doesn't comply fully with treatment.

Bipolar disorder can be nearly as traumatic for the partners of those with the disorder as it is for the patients themselves.

Feelings of stress, isolation, and rejection are common among those involved with a bipolar patient.

Outside support and education can help.(GETTY IMAGES)If you're involved with someone with bipolar disorder, the romantic relationship may be exciting, exhausting, and stressful.

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The episodes of depression and mania that bipolar people experience—which can lead to emotional withdrawal, out-of-the-blue accusations and outbursts, spending sprees, and everything in between—have been shown to induce stress, sexual dissatisfaction, and money worries in their partners, as well as depression. The answer is different for everyone Read more More about bipolar disorder "Mental illness is, on some levels, a contagious disease," says David Karp, Ph D, a professor of sociology at Boston College who has studied interpersonal dynamics within bipolar couples.

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